Recipe Index


black beans in barbecue sauce

*breakfast haystack

chick peas in stewed tomatoes

*chick peas seasoned with kelp

edamame seasoned with ginger

green beans in green sauce

*lima beans

lime and thyme chick peas

*savory beans

(sweet) chili beans

Beverages (Chilled), Other:

Lemon Cream Tea

Beverages (Hot):

blueberry tea !!!

Hot Mulled Cider

Lemon Cream Tea


*pizza biscuits

unleavened biscuits ver. 2

* whole-grain oat biscuits

Breakfast Cereal:


*chia cereal


quinoa chia cereal

Breads, Cakes and Muffins:

* cranberry pumpkin bread

Burgers and Meatballs:

curry flavored oat patties


*heart beet patties

sweet potato sloppy joe

*taco meat

*tomato burgers

vegetable oat patties

*walnut meatballs


Casseroles and Other Baked Entrées:

croissant pizza casserole

*eggplant Parmesan

*green bean casserole

Cobblers and Crisps:

*blueberry crisp

breakfast apple crisp

*cranberry apple cobbler

*spinach cobbler


banana butter

*barbecue sauce

bread and butter pickles (relish)

*candied pineapple

*carob sauce 1

carob sauce 2

*fig spread

*fresh tomato salad (bruschetta topping)

garlic oil spread

*grandma’s applesauce


healthful mustard

Italian dressing


lemon berry dressing

*Mexican guacamole

mock egg yolk

*onion dip

strong pesto :p

ranch dressing

red pepper guacamole

*sautéed mushroom and onion

*sour cream

soy mayo

sweetened cranberries

*whipped cream

Cookies and No-Bakes:

*coconut drops

*molasses ginger cookies

*mud pie

*peanut butter banana no-bakes

*peanut butter no-bakes

*pecan bites

*strawberries and cream no-bakes

tropical oatmeal cookies

Crackers and Chips:

baked tortilla chips

carob dipped pretzels

cheesy crackers

*lime and dill popcorn

olive crisps

*peanut butter date crackers

seasoned crackers



molasses dumplings

*sweet potato jin deui

Fruit Salad:

*berry banana salad

*creamy mango-passion fruit salad

*Christmas fruit salad

creamy fruit salad


baked squash

pumpkin curry

stuffed spaghetti squash

Thanksgiving squash

Gravies and Vegan Cheese Sauces:

potato carrot cheese :p

*creamy cashew gravy

*simple cashew gravy

sunflower cheese sauce


collards and carrots

creamed greens and potatoes

greens and tomatoes

swiss chard

Ice Cream:

*carob fudge popsicles

carob ice cream

*maple walnut/pecan ice cream

*peanut butter&honey ice cream


blue strawberry grape juice

carrot and beet juice

*cool and refreshing watermelon juice

cucumber and carrot juice

cucumber apple juice

*frothy lemonade

*grape and apple blend

*prickly juice

tropical apple blend

vegetable juice


lentil loaf

*meatless meatloaf

*nut loaf

*pecan meatloaf

*sunflower loaf


black bean onigiri

bloodshot onigiri/purple onigiri

peanut butter onigiri

simple onigiri :p

Pasta and Noodles:

*baked ziti

colorful noodle stovetop casserole

creamy garlic noodles

creamy seaweed noodles

Daiya mac

*easy noodle stir-fry

fried glass noodles

Italian rice noodle salad

*Italian shogun

noodles with eggplant and tomato

noodles with spicy soy fish

lasagna rolls

pad mii

quick curried noodles

*spinach lasagna

*tomato fried noodles


*pineapple tofu cheesecake

*vegetable pot pie (& soft pie crust recipe)


*corn pancakes

*hash pancake

*oat crepes

*potato pancakes

*pumpkin pancakes

*vegetable chick pea pancake


breakfast pizza

*hummus pizza

*pizza pockets

Puddings and Creams: 

*banana lemon pudding

banana-walnut pudding

*bread pudding

*carob coconut foam

*coconut carob chia seed pudding

*coconut cranberry bread pudding

*coconut pineapple chia seed pudding

*blue millet pudding

carob pudding

heavy mousse

lemon chia seed pudding

tropical millet pudding

Rice and Quinoa:

black beans and rice

cheesy broccoli rice

chick helper

Mediterranean Quinoa 

mushroom fried rice

steamed rice and vegetables

Roots and Potatoes:

*camper’s home fries

creamy mashed potatoes

*curried potatoes

fried carrots

fried sweet potato and tofu

*home fries

mashed taters and turnips

*pecan hash

*root bake

*scalloped potatoes

*sweet carrots

twice-baked potatoes

*veggie bake


*avocado burger

*avocado pita


*breakfast sandwiches

greek bagel

*peanut butter and fruit sandwiches

*red hummus tomato burger

*sausage ‘n’ cream cheese bagelwich

*tofurky melt

*vegan cheese sandwich

Salads (Veggie):

*beet salad

cucumber salad

curcurbit and pepper salad

*falafel salad

fresh pepper and avocado salad

*fresh pickled beet salad

mediterranean salad

Mexican-style salad

sesame coconut salad

som tam

Sandwich Spreads:

banana peanut spread

carob spread

chick pea dog salad

*chick pea salad

eggless egg salad/tofu salad

honey peanut spread

veggie dog spread

walnut spread

Scrambled Tofu:


savory scrambled tofu

tomato-basil tofu scramble

vegetable scrambled tofu

*western scrambled tofu


chicken-style seasoning

curry powder

flax-nut sprinkle

*pizza/pasta seasoning

*ranch seasoning

Soups and Stews:

asian cabbage soup

bean soup


cheesy asparagus and broccoli soup

chilled fruit soup

cream of asparagus and mushroom soup

*cream of mushroom soup

garden veggie stew

*gnocchi in tomato soup

hearty lentil stew

kielbasa/brat stew

*leek and potato soup (corn chowder)

lentil soup

mock chicken noodle soup

pumpkin soup

*simple chili

*split pea soup

*suki !!!

sweet molasses curry

vegetable soup

Shakes and Smoothies:

banana split shake (and other variations of banana milk)

berry peachy smoothie

kiwi apple smoothie

*protein shake

*refreshing tropical smoothie


cranberry stuffing

*herb stuffing

Tea Time:

lemons in honey


apple french toast

blueberry french toast

*cheese (or gravy) toast

*french toast

matcha toast !!!

*open-faced blueberry bagel

*open-faced cheese ‘n’ jelly bagel

tofu in a basket (vegan birds’ nests)

tomatoes on garlic toast

Tofu Dishes (Other):

*crispy tofu

fried sesame tofu

tomato stir-fry

Vegan Cheese and Cheese Sauces:


“queso” fresco

*simple cashew cheese sauce

*tofu cottage cheese

Vegetable Dishes (Other):

corn bake

eggplant stir-fry

fried okra :p

*grilled tomatoes

Italian-Style Stir-Fry

savory cabbage

*snap peas, broccoli and mushrooms

stuffed peppers

Wraps, Burritos and Quesadillas:

avocado lettuce wraps

avocado taco

black bean burrito

*chick’n, mushroom and broccoli quesadillas

garlic tofu wrap

vegetable seaweed wrap

Waffle it!

breakfast pizza

garlic tofu wrap

waffled avocado taco

banana waffles

easy waffle quesadillas

*waffle biscuits

*waffle biscuits ver 2

waffle hashbrowns

Ideas for Leftover Day: 

Sandwich fixin’s can be turned into salad and/or added to noodles.

*personal favorites

:p Actually, I don’t like this one, but some of you might, or might know people who would like it.

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