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Fresh Pickled Beet Salad

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Why not? Condiments and Spices

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Basic Homemade Condiments + Other Updates


Good afternoon. A friend sent me a vegan mayo recipe, so here are three simple recipes for mayo, mustard, and ketchup. For replacing cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, you may want to try cardamom, coriander, and/or ginger. The tastes are different and distinct, but you may find them to be satisfying. I have been putting coriander in my appleasuce and apple juice. Instead of vinegar in recipes, I just use lemon juice. No salad dressing? Here’s an old recipe for Italian dressing. I usually just squeeze or squirt some lemon juice on my salad, and may or may not add salt. Want an Asian flavor for your stir-fry, lo mein/chow mein, vegetables, ramen, or tofu? Try this sesame ginger sauce. You can also try simply adding a little salt, sesame oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, ginger, or any combination of those flavors and some sesame seeds to your recipes instead of vinegar and sugar laced prepared sauces. I have found those options to be satisfying in the past. Want spicy? Try adding some ground ginger or garlic powder or granulated garlic after the cooking, before eating. The spicy seems to cook out of it, but if you eat it raw, then your taste buds might scream.

The following recipes have been deleted:

cinnamon sugar
nog pudding
banana nog
apple cupcakes

These have been edited:

Spiced Loaf (now called “Coriander Loaf”)
Open-Faced Cheese ‘n’ Jelly Bagelwich
Gingerbread Cookies
Grandma’s Applesauce

I’ve been posting some new recipes here and there, and updating the hummus pizza recipe post as I have been eating different versions of this recipe. It’s delicious and filling.

Some of the links to recipes that have been removed are still up, but they are broken links (since they no longer link to the recipes). I hope to fix that later.



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Expect Changes (Update) – Changes Made



Hi everyone. I’ve already been making changes to this website. So far, I’ve edited the following posts:

Lima Beans
Sunflower Cheese Sauce
Falafel Salad
Garlic Buttered Peas
Veggie Salad
Veggie Dog Spread
Pink Coconut Bread Pudding
Tofu Birds’ Nests
Not Egg Yolk
Lemon Tea
Root Bake
Cream-of-Four Soup
Milk Tea
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Jam Tea
Gnocchi-Tomato Soup
Eggplant Stir-Fry
Curry Powder
Squashed Squash
Fig Spread

Most of the edits include minor ingredient changes or recommendations.

For veggie dog spread, not only did I recommend homemade, vinegar free mayo and mustard, or turmeric instead of mustard, but I also removed the bacon bits. It should still be yummy even with homemade mayo and mustard (or a few dashes of turmeric), and without bacon bits. Did you know you can also fry up leftover veggie dog spread? Especially with potatoes diced tiny, it’s kind of like corned beef hash. I didn’t mention that on the post, but maybe I should.

Pink coconut bread pudding has been renamed to “coconut bread pudding”, since the ingredient that seemed to turn it pink (the candies) has been replaced with carob chips, which are optional anyway. I don’t think the cranberries contributed much to color change. I’ve also recommended dried cranberries as an alternative to the sweetened cranberries, and regular cranberries can be used, too. In addition, some adjustments have been made to the recommended sweetener.

Eggplant stir-fry was originally made with soy sauce, and red pepper flakes was optional. I don’t recommend red pepper flakes anymore, though, and swapped out soy sauce for salt, which should still bring out the flavor. I’ve had other stir fried vegetables with salt and garlic, and they’ve turned out delicious, though simple.

Curry powder is more basic now, missing two ingredients. I believe I’ve made a basic version before, and it turned out fine. You could add other seasonings when you cook with curry powder, too.

I’m pretty sure the last batch of fig spread that I made didn’t include cinnamon, and was still delicious.

There are some recipes and posts that I’ve also felt had to go, including the review for Just Mayo. I’ve also deleted dessert sweet potato. It’s just a mashed sweet potato with maple syrup and spices, neither of which are needed. A few days ago I had delicious baked sweet potato for dessert. There was nothing added to it (as far as I’m aware), and it’s still a suitable dessert. Apple pie and pumpkin spice have also been deleted, since most of the ingredients are spices that I can no longer recommend. Garlic tea was never a good flavor to begin with (in my opinion), and I’ve removed it because I can no longer recommend green tea.

Fry dipping sauce, which is loaded with vinegar and other potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients in store-bought condiments, is not one I’m sorry to let go of. Cherry-vanilla pudding pie (and other variations) was the hardest to get rid of, but it had to go. Sausage stew was also deleted (with regrets, as I probably could have altered the recipe), and oreo soup also had to go.
So far I’ve passed over certain other recipes. I’d like to see if I can re make them with different or without certain ingredients. Since I’m not sure what to do with them, or what would be the right changes to recommend, I’m leaving them as they are for now. I do know that some of the biscuit recipes can be made without baking powder. The texture will be different, but they should turn out just fine made in a waffle iron (at least). However, I do want to experiment if I can get the chance, to find out what will work best. I’d also like to see, if I get the chance, if I can make homemade, vinegar free and more natural versions of certain sauces, such as orange sauce. So, I’ve passed over some recipes and posts for now. There are still many that I haven’t gotten to yet, pages of posts. As I am able, I will try to announce more changes when they have been made.

I still don’t know where the Lord is leading me next. I do look forward to borrowing a small refrigerator this afternoon. I may get my waffle iron ready to use, too. Maybe I can stop eating in the cafeteria and go back to cooking, though my cooking will be limited. At the very least, I’m looking forward to having some almond or soy milk with my granola, and I can maybe make raw tofu spread to go with my Wasa crisp breads. Once I have a fridge, maybe I can make lettuce wraps,  or a vegan pâté and dip celery and/or carrots into it. Well, I’m hoping to have that opportunity to get creative, at least. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, though I do hope long enough to build up some strength.

Please pray for me.

Note: : The picture was put together on an avatar creator on Custom Anime. The avatar wouldn’t save, so I took a snapshot of the screen and cut out the picture. While the link is provided, I can’t recommend the site itself because 1.) the avatar didn’t save/took too long, and there was a little pop up note that it was because of a security risk/issue, 2.) the hall of fame (and possibly the gallery) contains inappropriate pictures of avatars/comics, including foul language. The elements of the picture are copyrighted to/property of Custom Anime. The character featured in the picture is based after myself. Therefore, please do not use/copy this picture without permission. Thank you.

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Healthful Mustard

Make your own healthy mustard.

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