Wednesday – January 20, 2016 – 8:45 AM (Thailand)


I did it again. I’ve been recording the updates as being from 2015. Not so. There, I fixed it.  Hee-hee.


I had salad for breakfast. The home-made berry salad dressing (I was going for a raspberry flavor, and it worked.) is in the index and the menu with the other dressings.


While putting up the link on the index, I noticed two links that needed to come down. I might have deleted the recipe already. They were “generic stir fry sauce” and “hot wing sauce”. They’re not healthy, and might be broken links (source removed already) anyway,


so I took them down. If you see any more broken links, please comment. It doesn’t matter whether on this page or on the recipe index, if you are able to comment. I’ll try to either fix the link or remove it. Thank you. I posted two new comics on the home page yesterday, too, by the way. The old ones are moved to the “previously posted” page. It’s almost time for morning worship here at the office, so I’d better put my plate away. Hee-hee.


8:30 PM


It’s getting late. I’ve been pretty busy today—busy in the office, busy in the kitchen, and busy online. I also cleaned the bathroom, too. There’s still a few little pieces that I’d like to finish tomorrow. You know those comics I mentioned earlier? They’ve already been moved to the page with the other previously posted comics, and a new one is up, based on the true story of my adventure in cleaning the bathroom. It happened while I was scrubbing the toilet. Of course, the comic isn’t completely accurate, but I tried to come close. Imagine me with a scrub brush in my hand, a longer skirt, and without the toilet paper laying on the floor, bending a little further over the toilet and less water, and you’ll be closer (still not completely accurate, though). Anyway, it wasn’t a good experience, but I’ve gotten a shower and already feel better now. It’s also not the first time I’ve been splashed in the face with toilet water….

On to another subject…

I’ve enjoyed my adventures in the kitchen today (especially the results, though I didn’t like everything about everything, such as the difficulty of cutting the hard waffle biscuit, but it tasted good and complimented the cream of tofu well) and have a new recipe up. I’m not sure where it really belongs, but you can find the cream of tofu with the entrees and with the soups and stews in the menu and with the tofu and the soups and stews in the index. There’s also a fruit cobbler (an apple-cranberry cobbler, with pineapple, though it doesn’t mention the pineapple in the title) listed under “fruit” on the index. You can find it with the desserts or the breakfast on the menu. It’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast.


I’m really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. I’ve got some dishes to wash, and then it’s bed-time on this side of the world. I want to say “good night.”

Sunday – January 17, 2016 – 2:00 PM (Thailand)


*sniff* I think I’ve finally got the…*double sneeze* (had to blow my nose)…updates pages renamed and sorted appropriately on the menu. You can find my journal in the “updates” section now. *sigh* *sniff* *twitches nose* You can see a new comic on the home page. I might have caught a cold or have a sinus infection or a reaction to something in the environment, but I’m OK. *sniff* *sniff* Slept in and had soup for lunch. Almost all the water boiled out, and I only added a little bit more, so it wasn’t very soupy and it was more like a bowl of spicy greens, but you can find the recipe “get well soon soup” with the rest of the soups. *sniff* *little sigh* *little contented sigh* I’m thankful to be able to relax and rest up and recover today, and for good sleep last night and the night before, and for the experiences this weekend (went to the mountain). God is good. I think I’m going to go get some more rest.

Monday – January 11, 2016-4:10 PM (Thailand)

emote9 emote2Happy new year.

It’s my birthday today.



I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t been so diligent about posting on the updates page lately, or even notifying you all of updates on the home page. In reality, I don’t have any excuses, but I do have a reason for it.


You see, I wanted some new emoticons/pixel dolls, and to make a new updates page. I like to wait until the new year, and managed to hold off for a while. I know I could have kept posting on the other one, but while those dolls are pretty and I still like them, I’ve changed clothes.


Actually, I’ve changed a lot. God is good.

I wanted to have some new dolls made, but am blocked from the site where I used to go. I also lack the skills to make my own, so I downloaded an avatar maker from Rinmaru, through which I have been able to make new faces for the updates page. Now, I can make them fresh, too.

That’s not the only reason for me not keeping track of the updates. I have other reasons, including just plain not feeling up to it.


So long as she’s OK with it. I don’t know her personally, but from the research that I have done, it seems like she is OK with us the avatars we assemble on our own sites, for our own purposes, so long as we credit her. So, even though I did not communicate with her personally (that I can remember), I am thankful for Rinmaru.


I know no avatar, emoticon, nor pixel doll, whether custom made or assembled with pieces and colors already designed and programmed will be completely accurate for me, but it seemed like I could get close, anyway, a little closer anyway.


Now, on to the more recent updates…


I’m not sure how far back I should go…


There’s not many from this month or last month, but try looking around for new recipes. I did post some.


Yesterday and today I posted spread recipes, potatoes and greens. Look for new soup, vegetable, tofu, and potato dishes, too. There’s also a new pudding recipe (not brand new, but it was posted within the past two months). I’m thinking I should start marking the new recipes for the month on the recipe index.


What do you think? Good idea?


Also look for new articles and how-tos, and check the bitstrips comic if you haven’t already, and new journal entries. This is all assuming that you’re not already subscribed to updates/following this site (or blog, if you want to call it that). If you’re already following this site (or blog, if you prefer), then you might have already gotten e-mails about most of these updates, the posts, but maybe not about all of them. I think other things happened, too, like edited posts. That’s all specifically for this site. There are new things on most of my other sites, too, and new sites that I might or might not have mentioned yet (at least one that I probably did not). Anyway, that’s all that I’ll talk about for now, though. I’m going to go post that new spread recipe. It’s like honey roasted peanut butter (but different), and similar to the first recipe on this site of its kind (the one with the banana that I posted yesterday), but different, and it’s yummy on bread. I need to get this page up, too. Until next time hearts.

 I do not own the artwork. They were assembled on the Mega Anime Avatar Creator found on Rinmarugames.com. I do not endorse nor support all of the games, and most of them I do not recommend (and would prefer to warn you against), but the anime avatar creator and a few other of the dress up games can be useful tools. Rinmaru also does not knowingly endorse nor support all the views and content of this site, but is generous enough to let us use the avatars we assemble on her game so long as we credit her, and I appreciate that. Thank you, Rinmaru.


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